want to resolve a dispute?

Get vote coins

Connect Wallet to get Vote and Currency

Dservice Contract on Goerli network : 0x7C570a8bd608Ef8bc043319aaca342ff67750E3f


Pay with ETH, you will get gVOTE , gUSDT and VOTE;

gVOTE can be used to resolve Disputes on stage 1,

gUSDT can be used as currency to buy products on Dcmarket on stage 1.

Dservice will be deployed on Ethereum Mainnet & L2 network on stage 2.

VOTE can be used to resolve Disputes on stage 2.

You currently have


Vote coins


Dservice uses blockchain to protect funds, eliminating the possibility of scam.


No Dispute

If the buyer is satisfied with the transaction, he/she will confirm that the order is done, so the seller will give money immediately, or the buyer just does nothing, seller will be able to cash out the money after a certain time (14 days) after the payment.


With Dispute

Buyer can ask for partial refund or full refund after payment, the seller has 24 hours to refuse the dispute, or the buyer will get the refund. If the seller refuse the dispute, either buyer or seller can appeal the dispute, so let the voters (anyone who has VOTE coin) to judge the dispute.

How a dispute is resolved?